The house , the sweater,
The weight on my chest .

The making of the sweater .

There are many Tux clones here

They used to live in an ancient computer room

All day long they would be transmitted
and received

They like the gentle warmth of plasma , classes

and chatting with historical figures .

They also like to dress up in homemade outfits.

or seasonal garb .

They have an alien friend

and a cat friend

and hang out under a glass roof
where they are content .

They have cousins who live in a trailer in The Netherlands
and look out the window

and listen to folk tales .

There's an ancient cat

who visits them and evidence of a geek

Meanwhile back in the house a geek surveys his paraphernalia
and gets ready

for a night out on the town
with help from the cat , ,

when he's not tending his garden or
otherwise occupied

doing tricks with his eye color

or his hairdo
and some occasional construction projects .

Somtimes we get visitors to the house

which delights the geeks .